Swing Opening Doors – Ergon

The Ergon door system allows for double-sided opening of doors, always in the direction of travel. The special technology combines a swing and pivot mechanism, enabling up to 40% space saving in the door opening area.

  • No need to step aside for the doors – they always move in your direction
  • While opening, they describe a small parabola – saving space
  • When open, they do not protrude entirely into the space – utilizing the thickness of the partition
  • No need for any special construction modifications
Swing Opening Doors – Ergon
Swing Opening Doors – Ergon

Innovative Door Opening Solutions

The swing pivot door system is particularly suitable for small and narrow spaces, or areas with multiple opposite doors, such as attics, small apartments, corridors, and other complexly accessible spaces.

  • Individual approach to each order
  • Closed doors with the Ergon system look the same as classic swing doors
  • Suitable for wheelchair users / Suitable for people with limited mobility

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